It is the same each year again: somehow the winter months left some serious kilos on our hips and legs. Summer is just around the corner so how to get rid of these extra love handles again? We have three easy tips for you that will help on track with your healthy diet and workout every day. Get in shape for the summer season 2018.

Workout first thing in the morning

To avoid procrastination and the magic attraction of your couch start your day right with a workout in the morning. When we get up our motivation is much higher or like I always like to say – the lazy dog within me is sleeping in, so I can workout without him telling me to slow down and relax on the couch with Netflix. Besides the higher motivation in the morning, a workout before work will also get you fired up for the day. How amazing would it be that by the time that you start working on your mailbox you already worked out, showered and had breakfast? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Do it and work out first thing in the morning to get in shape and become highly energized.

Drink a lot of water

Mum has always said it: drink enough water. The thing about mums advise is, that it is always true. The more water that you drink over the whole day the more your body will detox and at the same time your whole digestive systems gets moving. Lose weight by simply drinking more water. Sounds easy – but believe me it works! Have a water bottle on your desk and a big glass. Make sure you fill it up as soon as it is empty. You can also add lines with a pen on your bottle. One line for noon and one for 3 pm, like that you see if you are on track to finish the whole bottle before the end of the day.

Plan your meals ahead

When you plan your dinner meals for the whole week you avoid ordering in a quick pizza because you already prepared a healthy meal. Sometimes we just need to trick ourselves to avoid getting back to lazy and unhealthy behavior.


Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

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