Summer has finally arrived and you do not have any holiday plans yet? Don’t worry, here are three extraordinary trips, including all kinds of holiday types. Maybe there is also something for you:



It seems like the end of the world, due to its seperated location on the south american continent. The Andes form a natural border to the bordering countries and therefore Chile is special in every respect. You can enjoy hot deserts, beautiful beaches, the wild pacific ocean, but also high mountains and wild, green forests. Chile is super eclectic and offers so many beautiful things to see- here you can still experience nature at its core. Also the capital city Santiago is growing very fast and develops into a hip and trendy city with organic cafes and cool cocktail bars. You can even catch a direct plane from London to the local airport in Santiago. So what are you waiting for?



Almost everyone has been to Spain, but what about its beautiful neighbouring country? Especially worth a trip is Lisbon, its capital city. With around 700.000 inhabitants, one of the smaller european cities, but definatley one of the most beautiful. It is a hilly pearl right on the atlantic coast with a lot of old monuments, houses, a castle and beautiful small alleys in the old town of Lisbon. You will find amazing lunch spots and cute little cafes, boutiques and small market places. Lisbon is like a little maze, full of stunning locations, that are waiting for you just around the corner.



You just want to relax on a white beach with crystal clear water? Then Mauritius will be the perfect destination for you! You can book one of the luxurious beach resorts and enjoy their all-inclusive package with spa treatments, private pools and exquisite restaurants right by the ocean. If you also like some action during your holidays, you can do kayaking, diving, snorkeling and stand-up paddling along the whole coast of the beautiful island. Mauritius still offers some of the most interesting underwater landscapes and reefs. So get to know Nemo and Dori on your next trip to Mauritius.