Spring is approaching and with that wedding season is ahead of us. If you are flooded with invitations and feel a little insecure about what to wear and all the other details you have to consider as a wedding guest. Here are 3 no-gos you should avoid as a wedding guest.

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Dress code

Of course, you should not wear white, to not steal the bride’s show. It is her day and white is reserved for her wedding dress. Therefore be cautious and stay away from everything from off-white to angel-bright. You should also not wear black since this is the color of grief and sorrow. Yes, most of us just feel comfortable in dark colors since they conceal unloved curves and it is so easy to advert in the mass, but better go with dark blue or emerald green. It is just as flattering to your shape but a little more joyful!

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Do not bring an unannounced date

If it does not say differently in the invitation the couple expects you to show up alone. Do not be rude and surprise the bride with an extra person on her wedding table. The location and food are planned and so it will be a little catastrophe to thwart the plans, just because you do not want to be part of the single table. Also really important: Keep the deadline for the firm commitment to attend the event. Wedding locations are super expensive and the bride has so many things to plan, do not bother her with not answering to her invitation.


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Do not have too much ‘fun’

It is okay to order a drink or two after the wine during dinner, but stay reasonable and do not act like a British tourist in an all-inclusive hotel and order one beer after the other. Drink moderately, you do not want the others (and the wedding couple) to remember you as the one who stripped on the dancefloor and went home with the best man.