Who does not know Emma Watson? I believe everyone knows her, either as the child star that played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series or as the successful actress, model, and activist she is today. One thing is certain Emma Watson had an incredible career. She is one of the most inspiring women ever and a true role model. Here are 4 things we can learn from Emma Watson:

Stay grounded

It is very inspiring that Emma is so down to earth despite all the success in her career. This is not always the case for people rising to fame at an early age. After her role as Hermione Granger, Emma started studying English literature at the prestigious Brown University. She had a relatively normal student life, which surely helped her to stay grounded.

Do not let fear get in your way

Emma is constantly under pressure, as the expectations regarding her performance are always enormous. It is amazing that she does not let it get in her way. The night before her important speech at the United Nations (UN), she was an emotional wreck but she managed to overcome the fear of expectation and performed incredibly. It is alright to be afraid as long as you do not let it get in your way.

Do not let others silence your voice

Emma is a UN ambassador and an advocate for gender equality. She has strong values and regularly shares her thoughts about the education and rights of women. It is very inspiring that she does not let other people silence her voice. She speaks up about the things she believes in and does what she thinks is right. There are always people that do not share your thoughts but it feels so much better to express them than to be silent.

Trust your instincts

There are actors that choose a role based on a strategy in line with the image they want to convey. Emma Watson chooses to take a role or not based on her own instincts. She reads the script and there is either that instant click where she feels she really needs to have that role or not. Every time she went against her instincts, it did not end very well and she regretted it a bit. It is so important to trust your own instincts, especially if you have to make a decision between equally attractive options.


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