When you fall in love with someone everything is rose-colored and shiny but after some time there are no butterflies in your belly anymore and it might get hard to be as in love as on day one!

Here are 4 tips for a happy relationship, that might help to keep the fire burning:


Be yourself and only yourself

Yes, of course, being in a committed relationship means being part of a team. You have to communicate with your partner about your common goals, wishes, and dreams. But stay an individual person and when someone invited you to a party try not to answer with a ‘we’. Even if in the end you will show up together, make decisions for yourself. Ensure to be recognized as who you are and not as someone’s girlfriend.


Flirting with strangers is okay

Having an affair is a total no go and just a disrespectful treatment of your partner. So stay away from sneaky acts like that, but having a little flirt with the handsome barista in your favorite café or the charming bank advisor is absolutely fine and healthy. Checking your own market value from time to time will give your confidence an extra boost and brighten your mood. This is also good for your relationship since it will give you the confidence to be the hot seductress your boy loves…


Be thankful

When we spend 24/7 with a person it is easy to forget to value his being and the things he does for you. Things become routine, but try to get out there and see how much he does to keep you happy. This can be a small thing like doing the dishes in the evening when you are just too tired after a long day at work or his support at the next family meeting when your mum is picking on your latest haircut. Stopping the everyday routines for a little thankfulness will make you appreciate your relationship a lot more.


Try something new

Apropos routines: Doing the same things every weekend can get super boring. Try out something you have never done before, like going to a theme park together or just to a new restaurant in your hometown. Changing small details can have a huge impact on your relationship, so stay open-minded and try new stuff!

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