People are so diverse- everyone is different and has different needs and preferences, but we all have one thing in common: we love to sleep! In the course of a lifetime, we spend about 24 years sleeping. To improve the quality of your sleep and with that the quality of nearly a quarter of a century, we have one special tip for you: Sleep naked!

Here are five reasons why you should sleep without your comfy PJs:

1. While sleeping the temperature of our body is usually several degrees lower which leads to an increased hormone release of the sleep hormone melatonin. Sleeping without clothes helps the body to lower its temperature and therefore supports a deeper and more relaxing sleep.


2. Melatonin is not only important for the quality of your sleep, it also includes a lot of anti-aging compounds which help your skin to look more flawless in the morning. So helping your body to release a lot of this magic sleep hormone will replace your super expensive anti-aging care. You will look your best and spare some money, just by forgoing your launch wear.


3. Sleeping naked is also good for your body’s hygiene. Under your duvet, there is a quite warm and humid climate, which is super attractive for bacteria and fungal diseases. Not putting your skin under layers of textiles helps the air circulation and all these nasty teases will have a hard time to bother you.


4. Your relationship will benefit from it. After being in a relationship for a while we do not put on the sexy negligé for our boy, but like to snuggle in the cozy teddy-bear pajama and put on some thick socks. Totally normal, but not really hot… Sleeping naked will give your relationship a special thrill. The touching of naked skin supports the release of the hormone oxytocin which is responsible for relationships and your sex-life. So look forward what it will do to your libido…


5. You will lose weight while sleeping. When your body is too warm at night you tend to be restless and roll around a lot. When your body is cooler, the level of the stress hormone cortisol will be lower. This hormone is closely related to gaining fat around your belly. So sleeping naked will keep your shape slim and sexy. This also a nice boost for your confidence!


So, be courageous and do not put on your PJs tonight!