Birthdays used to be fun but now they become more and more intimidating? I feel you girl, but don’t worry, what are you afraid of? Regretting the things you do or the things you didn’t do? I think you know the answer, so here are 5 things to do in your 20s:

1.Find out who you are

Of course, it is always fun to be around people and it is also super helpful for your own development to engage with other views and thoughts, but you also need to get your own opinions and perspectives straight. Explore yourself, your wishes and your thoughts- position yourself in life and in society. This can be super hard and you can not have an opinion about each and every issue out there but think about what matters to you and why. Some people need to take some time away, either in a nice hotel in Malibu beach and have long talks with strangers or in a silent monastery in Tibet, to find out about their thoughts, for you, it might be something totally different. Just relax and try your best to become a person with a personality instead of just a character.

Photo by JACKELIN SLACK on Unsplash

  1. Never miss a chance to learn

Now is the time to gain experience and competences- never let a chance to learn something new pass you. Be it how to do your tax declaration, how to bake your mom’s famous apple pie or how to order a beer in Portuguese. Engage with as many people as possible and maybe even ask them if they have some special skills they can teach you. And also important in doing so: Celebrate your failures! Nobody’s perfect and so are you. It is totally normal that you are not good at everything you do, but the important thing is to try your best!
  1. Spend time with your loved ones

Believe me, time passes more quickly every year and you never know how much time you will be able to spend with your family, friends, and lovers in the future, so enjoy every minute you have with them now. Maybe just drop in for a second and have a quick chat with your mom or text your best friend and asks what she is up to. These little actions will be much appreciated!

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  1. Party- a lot!

Now is the time you can be out clubbing until 5 in the morning and go to work at 10 without collapsing on your desk. So use all the time you have to enjoy it. Dance, laugh and have fun without worrying about what others might think of you and your moves. There is nothing more liberating than shaking out on the dancefloor and having fun with your friends. Go to clubs, festivals, and concerts and make memories.
  1. Love like people in cheesy movies

Fall in love head over heels with someone- even if you know that he will not be the father of your children, put all your feelings out there and enjoy the moment. You will have enough time for the whole house, dog, and kids thing, now is the time to love recklessly and unconditionally. Even if it is just a summer flirt or an intermezzo with your neighbor from across the college hallway, make the most out of it!

Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash