Are you a snooze-aholic?

We all know that terrifying moment: it is dark and cozy in your sheets and you are somewhere far away in a dream destination and then the sound of your alert in the morning tries to take you away from your dreams.

Believe me, I have been there. I am a terrible snooze-aholic snoozing up to 30 minutes or even longer just to stay under the warm blanket and close my eyes again.

The problem is that staying longer in bed won’t make your day any better. You run late, you waste time and the worst of all the snoozing won’t even relax you.

Although we love to sleep in each and every day, we found the best tips and tricks that will get you early out of bed (and maybe us too…).

1.The wake-up light

Start your day gentle and naturally with the wake-up light. The WUL will start slowly with a nice and warm light to get you softly out of your dreams half an hour before you should wake up. This imitates the natural sunrise that should wake us if we wouldn’t have blinds in front of our windows. Next to the gentle morning light, you can also set an usual alert or natural sounds that start after those 30 minutes. Wake up fresh and naturally without any stress.

2. Use the bedtime function on your phone

Having problems to get up early? Maybe your bedtime is the problem. Use the bedtime function on your smartphone to get a reminder when it is time to dive under the “duvet”.

3. Plan your day before bedtime

In order to wake up all fired up and motivated you should write down your to-dos and goals for the news day the evening before. Like that, you know what the day will bring and you can jump out of bed all motivated and structured in the morning.

4. Plug in your phone far away from your bed

If you use your phone as your alert in the morning make sure you plug it far away from your bed. You will need to get up to turn it off in the morning – easy but effective. You will be out of bed in no time.

Have a look at Hal Elrods Miracle Morning for more tips and tricks to start your day before 5 am.

5. Have a morning routine

Create yourself a morning routine that makes you all excited and happy to start the day. From meditation to yoga or a morning run – start your day with time for yourself and add a yummy breakfast. Getting out of bed will be so much easier than before.

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