Stress is a little Monster! Feeling dizzy from too many tasks on the to-do list and all the plans for the upcoming week. This is what I felt like last monday evening when I came home from work, exhausted and tired. I still had to do the grocery shopping, tidy up the mess I created in the morning when leaving in a hurry and originally I planned to do some yoga, but everything I felt like doing was putting on my PJs and chilling on the couch.


Sometimes the daily grind is super challenging and overwhelming and therefore it is totally normal to feel stressed and depleted. Here are three advice that may help you to cope with stress more easily, tried and tested by myself over the last week:

1.Concentrate on yourself

Sometimes there are so many tasks on the list…It just feels unfair that you have so much to do. Other women are having a nice cup of coffee with their friends after work or go to the nail studio twice a week. Maybe you start to question your life and get jealous of these women. Stop doing this!

Your life-your choices! Totally independent from everyone else out there. Do not care what others are doing in their freetime and do not compare yourself. It seems like others have a more relaxed life and it is just you who is struggling with all these to-dos. Believe me, everyone has to deal with stress sometimes and this is totally okay. Just focus and concentrate on your own business.

2.Calculate your abilities

People who write to-do lists are more productive and get more things done than others! So take the time to write a list and, here comes the trick, include a time schedule in it. Put the things in a chronological order and calculate the time you will need for the task. We tend to put too many tasks on the list. This is frustrating, because you will never be able to tick them off by time. If you are an oblivious person, write two lists: one for the whole week and one for the day. This way you will able to tick off all the tasks in the course of the day and will not try to remember all the things that got lost in your mind.


3.Stick to the schedule

Of course you have to stick to your time table. Try to fulfill the tasks in the time that you calculated. I totally understand that sometimes it is super easy to get lost in social media or in all the old stuff you find when cleaning your apartment. But these are the true time-consuming activities that stop you from completing your to-dos. Do not get distracted and focus on your goals for the day. In the end you can use the gained freetime for whatever you like to do.