4 Things we can learn from Emma Watson

Who does not know Emma Watson? I believe everyone knows her, either as the child star that played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series or as the successful actress, model, and activist she is today. One thing is certain Emma Watson had an incredible career. She is one of the most inspiring women ever and a true role model. Here are 4 things we can learn from Emma Watson: Stay grounded It is very inspiring that Emma is so down to earth despite all the success in her career. This is not always the case for people rising to fame at [...]

3 Iconic cities to explore in the summer

    The summer is finally here! The rays of sunshine are a good opportunity to explore cities. Grab your travel bag and start your journey. Here are some tips for cities you must see at least once in your life: Paris, France The city of love, art, fashion and cuisine. Paris is such a beautiful city that has so much to offer, be it a stroll through narrow, winding streets and alleys or visiting stylish boutiques, museums, and cozy cafes. Paris is like a maze that is awesome to explore and where you can find everything you will ever [...]

Don’t Stress- 3 Things That Will Help You to Cope with Stress

Stress is a little Monster! Feeling dizzy from too many tasks on the to-do list and all the plans for the upcoming week. This is what I felt like last monday evening when I came home from work, exhausted and tired. I still had to do the grocery shopping, tidy up the mess I created in the morning when leaving in a hurry and originally I planned to do some yoga, but everything I felt like doing was putting on my PJs and chilling on the couch.   Sometimes the daily grind is super challenging and overwhelming and therefore it [...]

From the desk of… Corinne Delis

Corinne Delis is an energy power house who has been working for herself since years. After her own successful business in Scapbooking and Photography Corinne learned about essential oils in 2014. Not searching for a new business she was sharing her personal experiences with essential oils on her facebook page and was blown away by the reactions. She gave herself the time to experience the oils herself and 10 month later she took the leap of faith and started as an independent distributor for Your Living essential oils. Read everything about her and get inspired by this woman. Tell us [...]

3 Exciting Holiday Inspirations

Summer has finally arrived and you do not have any holiday plans yet? Don’t worry, here are three extraordinary trips, including all kinds of holiday types. Maybe there is also something for you: @chiletravel Chile It seems like the end of the world, due to its seperated location on the south american continent. The Andes form a natural border to the bordering countries and therefore Chile is special in every respect. You can enjoy hot deserts, beautiful beaches, the wild pacific ocean, but also high mountains and wild, green forests. Chile is super eclectic and offers so many [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

    People are so diverse- everyone is different and has different needs and preferences, but we all have one thing in common: we love to sleep! In the course of a lifetime, we spend about 24 years sleeping. To improve the quality of your sleep and with that the quality of nearly a quarter of a century, we have one special tip for you: Sleep naked! Here are five reasons why you should sleep without your comfy PJs: 1. While sleeping the temperature of our body is usually several degrees lower which leads to an increased hormone release of [...]