3 No-Gos You Should Avoid As A Wedding Guest

  Spring is approaching and with that wedding season is ahead of us. If you are flooded with invitations and feel a little insecure about what to wear and all the other details you have to consider as a wedding guest. Here are 3 no-gos you should avoid as a wedding guest. Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash Dress code Of course, you should not wear white, to not steal the bride’s show. It is her day and white is reserved for her wedding dress. Therefore be cautious and stay away from everything from off-white to angel-bright. You [...]

Our 3 favorite celebrity make-up routines

How are they doing it? Models and celebrities always looking like they have been in hair and make-up all morning fresh and perfectly made-up. These beauty secrets are going to be put out into public now. Vogue started putting celebrity make-up routines videos on their blog and we looooove watching them. Be a spy in the bathroom of Kendall Jenner, Olivia Wilde, Rita Ora and many more and check out their daily routine. Here are our favorite three routines!     Olivia Wilde ...and her natural beauty routine for all career women and mummies with no time to waste on makeup.   Grace Elisabeth [...]

Welcome your new life coach: Will Smith

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to your new life coach: Will Smith. One of our favorite comedians and actors recently started to post some serious wisdom online. He shares with us his view on life and love, on success and failure on hard work, on the right people to surround yourself with and he simply kicks your ass with just a few minutes of video content. Will Smith on love and happiness   Will Smith on reaching your goals   Will Smith on failure Will Smith on fault and responsibility     If you [...]

4 Tips For a Happy Relationship

  When you fall in love with someone everything is rose-colored and shiny but after some time there are no butterflies in your belly anymore and it might get hard to be as in love as on day one! Here are 4 tips for a happy relationship, that might help to keep the fire burning:   Be yourself and only yourself Yes, of course, being in a committed relationship means being part of a team. You have to communicate with your partner about your common goals, wishes, and dreams. But stay an individual person and when someone invited you to [...]

2 Super Healthy Pancake Recipes

I love breakfast! For me, it is the most satisfying and also most diverse meal of the day. You can have a fruit quicky with a self-made smoothie or a long brunch with all the delicious bits and bobs like scrambled eggs and avocado toasts. This all so yummy but my absolute favorite are pancakes! Every time I have these fluffy delicacies I think myself back to my childhood when my mum used to make pancakes on the weekend and we talked for hours on the kitchen table. Sweet memories for tons of calories, because let’s face it, pancakes are [...]

5 Thing We can Learn from Blair Waldorf

For me, it was always the week’s highlight when a new episode of Gossip.Girl was up. It felt like a short trip into a different world full of fashionable coats, eccentric parties in luxurious apartments on the upper east side. When someone asked which character was my favorite- the answer was clear: Blair Waldorf! She is not only beautiful and smart but also has a heart made of gold when it comes to friends, even if she is the queen of intrigue. Being like Blair was one of my childhood dreams and even today, I think we can all [...]