She definitely is my favorite character from the law series SUITS: Donna Paulsen. She is witty, she is smart, self-confident she has great style and wears the most beautiful office outfits, she is what she says: “I’m Donna I know everything.” Her self-confidence, her beauty and her loyalty towards her friends and colleagues make her such a beloved character. Who wouldn’t want to be Donna Paulsen? Here are 5 things we can learn from her,  to all become a  little more Donna!

1.Don’t follow the crowd

As they say: trends go by, so don’t try to run each and every trend or person that seems like being the one that everybody loves. Make true friends and you will never be alone. Fashionable friends won’t stay with you when times get hard and might talk behind your back so make sure you are careful to choose your crowd of #BFFs that you gather around you and with whom you share your secrets. Fashion trends also come and go. Don’t try to be fashionable at any chance. Define your style and stick with it. When you don’t follow the crowd you will know who you are, who your people are, what your style is which makes you a strong personality instead of all the lemmings running behind each trend and the it-girls at your office.

2. Be loyal

Donna is always loyal to her closest friends Harvey and Rachel. At the same time, they are loyal beyond reason towards her. Be loyal and show people that you stand behind them and they will stand behind you when you need it. Loyalty is a rare characteristic. It might be one of the most important ones in times of elbows and gossip.

3. Know your worth

Acknowledge your weaknesses but even better acknowledge your strengths and show them. Know what you are worth. When you run your own business charge for your qualities, when you are employed show your boss what you are capable of and ask for the acknowledgment that you deserve.

4. Never apologize for who you are

You are you and that is wonderful! So never, never apologize for who you are because why would you? We all have talents, flaws, characteristics, and quirks but did you ever see somebody who is successful to apologize for who they are? Successful and self-confident women like Donna embraces her flaws and weaknesses and shows what she is capable of.

5. Don’t let other people break you

My dear, it is a tough world out there. Even Donna lost her job (because of an act of loyalty but that is another story). People will criticise you, they will make you small, they will gossip about you and they will try to keep you small or even worse they will try to break you. Don’t let that happen to you! When you want to become a successful woman you have to be fierce and sometimes that means sucking up what other people have to say, sometimes that means getting up again and fighting even harder and sometimes that means to counter back. No matter what the situation is and what kind of negative energy is about to attack you, don’t let people break you and walk with your head high and keep going. Their negativity makes us only stronger.


photo USAnetwork