Do you know the feeling when you snoozed too long and got ready in a hurry? We all have probably been there… In moments like this breakfast is the easiest to skip, since most of us do not even feel hungry in the morning. But here is why you should never skip breakfast and in addition why you should have a warm breakfast:


According to the TCM (the traditional Chinese medicine), your organs have a natural clock and work according to this schedule. For example, your stomach and melt start to work around 7 am and knock off around 7 pm. You should consider this in your meal plan, and do not have heavy meals after this time of day since then your body will be busy all night with digesting your fries and burger. This is why you will not feel hungry in the morning.


For the TCM the breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it is the activator to your digestive system and will determine your level of energy throughout the day. This energy is called Qi and is the essence of a productive being. You will also feel less ravenous appetite when having a warm breakfast, which is also super supportive of your immune system.


The perfect time for having breakfast in the morning when you already feel slightly hungry, so you do not need to have breakfast at six in the morning before leaving the house, just prep your meal and take it with you to work or university. What is important is that you try to eat around the same time every day, since this is important for your daily energy rhythm and your digestive system. You should also forgo bread, dairy and raw fruits and vegetables in the morning since this might overburden your stomach at this time of day, so start easy and slow.


This is what your breakfast could look like: Here are five super healthy and easy ideas for a warm breakfast!


Chocolate and Raspberry Porridge


Blueberry- Coconut-Almond- Creamer




kale-mushroom scrambled eggs




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